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The îlink development is scheduled for delivery in mid-2018. It combines apartments, offices and shops totalling 22,300 sq. m.

The redevelopment of the Prairie-au-Duc neighbourhood represents a new phase in the Ile de Nantes project. It is located on the site of the former shipyards, a historical part of the local identity and one of the outstanding features of western tip of the island. In 1987, when the Dubigeon Shipyards closed, city officials began to think about the future of Nantes as a whole. 25 years later, on the site where everything started, a new area that blends diverse functions and uses is emerging.

This new neighbourhood has certain priorities: accommodate families, increase density while providing spacious, light-filled apartments. Another priority is to build a people-friendly neighbourhood that promotes sustainable mobility and where nature is omnipresent. Eventually, more than 3000 new residents and 2000 working people will settle in this neighbourhood.

This new neighbourhood located near the Chantiers Park on the Loire riverfront will also be connected to the southern part of the new Metropolitan Park, 14 hectares of greenery to be built on the current railway land.

The ambition of the îlink development

- 14,000 sq. m of apartments (including 50% social or affordable)
- 6,000 sq. m of tertiary activities (businesses, offices)
- 2,000 sq. m of local services or shops

The development will connect the residents to one another but also to their neighbourhood. One of the strong points of the project is that it combines housing, offices, shops and activities, providing residents with solutions conducive to new uses and new urban lifestyles. A consortium of developers (Ardissa - Vinci immobilier - Adim ouest - Harmonie habitat) put together this ambitious project of a rare scale.
Co-construction is a key component of this exemplary project. With the help of the îlink association, the future occupants and people interested in the project have been in discussions since 2012, working closely with all the stakeholders (developers, architects, future users). The Association defines and manages the proposed new services: a concierge desk, a place to facilitate interactions between residents and people who work locally, Atelier 10 co-working space and Labo Art&D, a creative and cultural space. Shared spaces - a modular room (meetings, leisure and private events), gardens on the roofs and an urban vacation rental - are also being tested. The future occupants will design these spaces that promote socialising and interactions, forging links that contribute to the life of a neighbourhood even before construction on the development begins. By 2017, 500 residents and 500 working people are expected.


January 2014: Building Permit filed

January 2016: Construction began

24 June 2016: First stone laid

Autumn 2018: Delivery

Download the Prairie-au-Duc press pack (June 2016)

Visit the îlink website

Watch a video about îlink with Cityscape!

Technical information

Type : Mixed use - status : Completed