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The Ile de Nantes redevelopment project, headed by Samoais an ambitious project that is unique in Europe. It began in the 1990s with the desire to build a modern area that would extend the city centre, making the Loire a key feature of the landscape and offering innovative and unique uses. Land of inventions and entrepreneurship, the Ile de Nantes is undergoing extensive urban redevelopment offering many opportunities. To better understand this area and the urban redevelopment project, here are a few key figures.

Objectives 2003-2007

  • 337 hectares in the city centre
  • 1.5 million sq. m of real estate development including:
    • 700,000 sq. m of housing (25% social housing units, 25% affordable housing and 50% open market)
    • 450,000 sq. m of office, business and retail space
    • 350,000 sq. m of infrastructure (including 270,000 sq. m for the University Hospital)
  • 150 hectares of improved or renovated public spaces

Progress from 2003 to 2017

  • 241,482 sq. m of housing (4,116 apartments)
  • 151,976 sq. m of office space
  • 64,577 sq. m of businesses and shops

By 2020

  • An additional 195,855 sq. m of housing (3,143 apartments)
  • An additional 47,768 sq. m of office space
  • An additional 20,996 sq. m of businesses and shops