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Ile de Nantes Experimentation

At the request of Nantes Métropole, during the period 2017-2023, Samoa will carry out the program "Ile de Nantes - Experimentations", an exploratory and modular system for building the city of tomorrow, which will be co-developed with the stakeholders involved.

The objective of this approach is to build a smart and sustainable city by supporting innovative processes for the design of public spaces and real estate developments and getting residents/users and professionals involved from the very beginning. The first step is to mobilise the skills and creativity of the Ile de Nantes to develop demonstrator sites.

Four programs will be implemented through 2023:

  • Build your neighbourhood! with the Ilotopia initiative (2017 > 2019) and Îlo-voisins initiative (2018 > 2021)
  • Build your park! (2018 > 2023)
  • Connected Street (2017 > 2020)
  • Creative third places (2017 > 2020)


"The Ile de Nantes is an urban laboratory which prefigures the city of tomorrow, at once efficient, sustainable, attractive and innovative... an animated area for the people of Nantes, featuring richly diverse neighbourhoods." 

Johanna Rolland - Mayor of Nantes and President of Nantes Métropole.

Conférence de presse Ilotopia. rencontre citoyenne du 3ème type. Bd des Martyrs Nantais.Johanna Rolland, maire de Nantes.Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) 04/2017 © Valéry Joncheray/Samoa