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The Urban Design Team

The Ile de Nantes urban design team

Taking over for the team headed by Marcel Smets and Anne Mie Depuydt (uapS), the consortium formed by Jacqueline Osty (landscaper) and Claire Schorter (architect and urban planner) was chosen to head the Ile de Nantes urban redevelopment project through 2024.

A new chapter opened in 2017 with a new interpretation of the landscape and an ambitious project for the development of the south-west portion of the island, where the major components of the next phase are concentrated. The new consortium was selected by the jury in December 2016.

AJOA-Schorter: la nouvelle équipe de maîtrise d

Built around a central nucleus formed by the Atelier Jacqueline Osty & Associés (landscapers), Claire Schorter (architect-planner) and MA-GEO (urban engineering firm), the consortium also includes Roland Ribi & Associés (mobility design firm), Quand Même (exploration, participation) and Concepto (lighting design firm). The consortium, which has already worked together on other projects in France, is based on collaboration and complementary skills.

Echoing the expectations of citizens

Axonométrie Parc métropolitain de Loire.Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) © Ajoa/Schorter/Samoa

The team was designated in late 2016 by a commission composed of experts, elected officials and citizens. In the lead-up to the competitive dialogue conducted in 2016, a citizen workshop composed of 30 local residents wrote a “booklet of citizen expectations” that was included in the specifications given to the candidates. During the second phase of the dialogue, the workshop members met with the candidate teams and, based on the final bids, they issued a “Citizens’ Opinion”. The Selection Commission praised the quality of the investment and the work of the citizen workshop, the first-ever process of citizen involvement in this type of consultation in France.

Rediscover the Loire, live and work in a park-like setting

Pointe est. Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) 05/2016 © Valéry Joncheray/Samoa

The proposal of the new team responds to the desire to rediscover the Loire and to bring nature into the city expressed by Nantes residents during the dialogue held in 2016. A system of parks throughout the island, and particularly in the western section, gives a new dimension to this iconic space by bringing nature into the new neighbourhoods in the south-west. A wide variety of building styles and types is proposed, thus offering multiple ways to live on the island.